Whatsapp Group Games 2017 | Funny, Cool, Puzzle, Crazy Whatsapp Group Games 2017

Whatsapp Group Games 2017: Did you ever hear about Whatsapp group games? Yes. You can play games on your favourite messenger. You might not be familiar with it so far. No problem as I am going to tell you the best Whatsapp group games in 2017.

You can do more than chatting with your friends on Whatsapp from now on. You won’t be bored again after adding these games for sure. These games are known as texting games as well.

whatsapp group games in 2017 cool funny group games

Funny, Cool, Puzzle, Crazy Whatsapp Group Games 2017:

There are many games available to entertain your chat buddies on WhatsApp now. But I have shortlisted only the best WhatsApp group games to help get rid of boredom. So, without any further ado let’s find out your favorite WhatsApp group games in 2017.

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Whatsapp Group Games 2017:

#1 Movie Lines:

Movie Lines is kind of game to develop the conversation between the users. You can invite your friends to chat by using the lines of any movies. It’s the best WhatsApp group games (texting games) to converse with your favourite movie lines. Also, you can pick your favourite actor or actress with this app.

#2 Whatsapp Word Games:

It’s a word game where you state a word, and other will do same. You can choose words om any subjects such as movies, celebs, sports, cars, etc. Also, you can put a condition for the next person as he/she must start with the first/last word to form the next word. It’s such a cool game to time pass. what do you think abut this game?

#3 Kiss, Marry, Kill:

Do you want to try a crazy Whatsapp group games? You should try Kiss, Marry, Kill. At first, you need to pick three names and tell your friends to decide a name for a kiss and another for marry and kill.

Choose all three names wisely for your friends so your friends can’t pick quickly. You should try this game if you want to play a different type of game on Whatsapp.

#4 Whatsapp Group Games by using Emoticons:

You can guess after reading the title. It lets you chat with your friends by using emocations. You will be kicked out if you don’t send emocations continiously. You can start this game by sending emocations in the gropus and let others follow along. It’s a good time kill. Give it a try.

Wrapping Up!

I have provided you the best Whatsapp group games to play with your friends in excess time. I like Whatsapp Word Games from the above list. What’s your favorite game? You should boomark this site to read more interesting articles in future.

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