Top 10 Best Torrent Sites List 2017 | 2017 Best Free Torrent Download Websites Online

Best Torrent Sites List 2017: You should be looking for the best torrent sites list to download your favorite games, movies, songs, songs, apps etc, after the ban of the most popular torrent site i.e. Kickass (Kat.cr). It’s blocked in the many countries. You can download almost anything (paid & unpaid) faster and hassle free from torrent sites. But it’s not the same as before due to the ban earlier this year.
Still, there are some good torrent sites which you use to download your favorite content for free in 2017. Do you want to know more about the top 10 best torrent sites list 2017? Keep reading then.

top 10 best free torrent websites list 2017 - best 2017 torrent websites list

Top 10 Best Torrents Download Websites 2017 | Best Free 2017 Torrenting Sites Online:

We are arranging a list of best torrent sites in ascending order. It means that you will get top torrent site first of all, then you can scroll below to get other best torrenting sites.

KickAssTorrent – Best Torrent Websites In 2017:

If you frequently use torrent sites to download stuff, then I am sure you’re familiar with KickAssTorrents. It has conquered “ThePirateBay” and become the best torrent in 2016-2017. You can approach this site in 30 languages. KickAssTorrents produces 1M+ traffic on a daily basis. It was initiated in the year 2008. The registration and movie download at KickAssTorrents is absolutely free. It gets 50% traffic from India, USA, Pakistan, Australia, and Canada.
Link: https://kickass4u.com/

kickass torrents best free 2017 torrent download sites

2. ThePirateBay – Best Torrent Websites In 2017:

ThePirateBay was established in 2003 and is nourishing services till then. It is one of the oldest and greatest torrent sites of the world. The registration procedure at TPB is non-compulsory. That means you can easily download movies, games, software’s, and audio files without any kind of registration method. You can way into ThePirateBay in 35 different languages. This torrent site is very in countries like USA, India, Brazil, Canada, and Sweden.
Link: http://thepiratebay.org/

3. Torrentz – Best Torrent Websites In 2017:

Torrentz is also well-liked like above two. And basically it’s a torrent search engine which collects data from other torrent sites so that you can get everything you wanted under one rooftop. Like ThePirateBay, here at Torrentz the registration procedure is also not obligatory. You can browse stuff and download as a guest user. Torrentz is moderately famed in India, United States, Pakistan, Italy, and Greece.
Link: http://www.torrentz2.eu/
Note: torrentz.eu is now down; however, the clone of site is live at torrentz2.eu

4. ExtraTorrent – Best Torrent Websites In 2017:

ExtraTorrent is an infamous torrent site and it is really rising with time. Compared to 2015, in this year we’ve seen a massive boost in the traffic. ExtraTorrent supplies admired ETTV and ETRG group release. The main traffic mines of ExtraTorrent are USA, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Australia.
Link: http://extratorrent.cc/

5. Rarbg – Best Torrent Websites In 2017:

Rarbg was begun in the year 2008 and it used to receive 300k users a day back in 2015. It doesn’t provide too many language options so you can only view this site in English language only. Rarbg does not permit new users to make new accounts. But that’s not a problem because you can movies and other stuff without any registration. Rarbg gets 40% traffic India, United States, China, South Korea, and Brazil.
Link: http://rarbg.to/

6. TorrentHound  – Top Free Torrent sites In 2017:

Globally, TorrentHound is an eminent and one of the finest torrent sites that constructs 60% traffic though countries like India, USA, Pakistan, China, and Greece (As per Alexa). Because of a swift enhance in the traffic evaluation of 2016, TorrentHound gets the reward as one of the best sites of 2016. This is site is blocked in various countries due to privacy protection
Link: http://www.torrenthound.com/

7. YTS.AG – Top Free Torrent sites In 2017:

YIFY group’s new and reliable home knows as YTS.AG. This group is giving torrent download service ever since 2011. YTS is 7 months older it obtains 50% traffic from India, USA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.
Link: http://yts.ag/

8. TorrentDownloads  – Top Free Torrent sites In 2017:

TorrentDownloads had collected 50% traffic India but sadly now it is blocked for Indian consumers. This site obtains enormous traffic from countries like Pakistan, United States, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. It was the top torrent site in 2011 but it banned now in several countries due to the copyright infringement law.
Link: http://torrentdownloads.me/

9. 1337x – Top Free Torrent sites In 2017:

. The coming year it will become clear whether 1337x can keep its popular status.
1337x was a community based torrent download website but most admin and moderators left it due to the security concerns in the early 2016. It’s blocked in the many countries currently. It used to get the most traffic from the UK, Pakistan, USA, Italy and other European nations.
Link: http://1337x.to/

10. EZTV.AG  – Top Free Torrent sites In 2017:

EZTV.AG is identified as one of the preeminent torrenting sites in United Kingdom, India, Canada, and Netherlands. EZTV was a conquest by a new possessor in the start of this year. The new holders have limited new releases from their older websites.
Wrapping It Up:
I have enlisted top 10 working torrent sites list for 2017. Now, you will be able to download from a torrent site like before. I have given ten sites and even if something happens with one of those sites; you will have an extra option always. What are you waiting for? Start downloading. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if it helped a tiny little bit.


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