Download NDS4iOS For iOS 10 Without Jailbreak | NDS4iOS For iOS 10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4/5 For iPhone

Nds4ios For iOS 10: The app store has a lot of games hidden inside it. The number of games exceed way beyond the number of games that a passionate gamer can play in his complete lifetime. For those who want these games to enjoy the memories of their childhood and relive them once again, they would feel blessed to know that there exists a wide range of emulators for them to do so.

Nintendo DS or nds4ios is one of those amazing emulators. Unfortunately these emulators are available for jail broken devices but don’t let that smile on your faces turn into a frown because there are certain ways to get these emulators for non jail broken devices too.

download nds4ios for ios 10 withou jailbreak on iphone ipad devices

You must remember how cute and fun was it to play Pokémon and games on Nintendo ds. You must be even happier to know that developers are making all the laudable efforts to bring that fun to you and the best part is that you can experience these lovely moments on your ios devices. Nds4ios is the app that aids you to relive those wonderful moments once again but with the same zest and zeal.

Mesmerizing Features Of NDS4iOS For iOS 10:

Here are some features of nds4ios ios 10 that just can’t fail to impress you:

  • Works at fast pace and is very powerful
  • User wieldy and easy to operate
  • Compatible with ios 9 or later versions
  • Lets you play Pokémon and other DS games at your ease
  • Works for both jail broken and non jail broken devices

 Download NDS4iOS For iOS 10 For Non Jail Broken Devices:

Here are the easy steps to download nds4ios ios 10 for non jail broken devices. All you need to do is follow these easy as a-b-c steps and then you will be able to revel level of your favourite Pokémon and ds games on your non jail broken ios 10 devices.

  1. Open your device and tap on the safari browser icon in order to open it. Type this into the address bar: us/app/install/nds.html. You will get to see the page shown in the image underneath:

 download and install nds4ios for ios 10 on iphone ipad devices


  1. You will then encounter prompt boxes to ask if you really want to install this app. Tap on the install buttons in those prompt boxes to carry on with the installation process further.

click on install option to install nds4ios on ios 10 in iphone ipad


  1. Steer back to the main home screen of your device. Wait for the downloading process to get over. Then go to the setting then general then profile. Hunt for the profile that has been added newly. The profile name starts with Guangdong. Select this and tap on the trust option to trust this profile.

just click on trust option to download and install nds4ios for ios 10

  1. That is it! Now you can access this app by tapping on its icon in the home screen and wallow in the charming world of your beloved and darling games.


Downloading Roms To NDS4iOS For iOS 10:

  1. Open your device. Open the safari browser and download your desired rom from your beloved rom web site.


  1. Once you are done with downloading, tap on open

click on open in to open the mario kard ds zip file



  1. Then tap on open in nds4ios

select nds4ios to open the mario zip file to instll the game on iphone


  1. Now you will be able to see the game in the game list for nds4ios

mario kart ds game is installed on nds4ios for ios 10 on iphone ipad devices

So this was all about nds4ios ios 10 and installing nds4ios ios 10 and adding roms to nds4ios ios 10. You just need to follow these easy steps and then you will be able to endlessly revel level of your cherished games in your iphones at your ease.


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