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Free Netflix Account: Netflix is the most popular brand to stream TV shows and movies online. It’s available in USA, CA, UK, Australia etc. But it expanded its service in 130+ Asian countries which includes India as well. It’s a premium service with monthly subscription fee. Thus many people are looking for Netflix free Accounts and Passwords.

Netflix is offering one month free trial.  You need you put your credit card info during registration to get this free month. Your card will be charged after the first month by default. You must cancel your membership to prevent deduction of any money on your card at the end of the trail period.

free netflix account 2017

You might be familiar with Netflix Free account generator. But it doesn’t provide a working single username and passwords. It spread adware into your computer. You should avoid such software on your machine.

I’m going to tell you a working method to obtain Netflix free login and Password 2016.  It’s a bit black hat technique to use Netflix account for free of cost. It will require some tricky settings with your Gmail account. You must have a Gmail account to follow this process. Just create an account if you don’t have any. No need to use multiple accounts and different mail addresses to access free Netflix account for lifetime. Without further ado let’s begin. Are you ready? Let’s G0. 

How To Get Free Netflix Account For Lifetime? | Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts 2017:

You need to follow few simple steps to get free Netflix account for lifetime. I am enjoying Netflix premium with this particular trick for several months now. It’s working totally fine. That’s why I’ve decided to share with you so that you can acquire Netflix accounts as well. It’s just a quick two step process. So, keep reading.

Step 1:

  • At first,Visit Netflix home page and click on Join for a Month Icon.

get a netflix for a month - free netflix account for one month 2017

  • It will send you to the next window where you are going to pick one of the premium plans (select any plan as you are not going to pay anything) and click on continue after that.


  • You will be asked to enter your email address and password. Just fill up all and click on ‘Register’ button.

give your emial address and password and register a new netflix account

  • You need to insert your billing details to receive free one month trial and hit ‘Start Membership’ button to begin Netflix free month.

click on start membership by cheakin you are 18 and plus of age

Step 2:

You won’t be charged before the first month. But it will charge after one month automatically from your card. You can do these following tasks to prevent billing within time.

  • Visit your Netflix premium account and click arrow at the top right corner on your screen before the ending of your trial period.
  • It will be redirect you to another window to ‘Cancel Membership’, click on this button and you will be sent navigate to the next window.

if you want to cancel the netflix account then just click on cancel membership option

  • In the next window, you will see cancellation terms and conditions including ‘Complete Cancellation’ option at the bottom. Click on this button to proceed to the finish the cancellation.

confirm to complete cancelletation of the netflix account

You have canceled your subscription successfully. Now, you can make a new free Netflix account with same billing details again and again with an easy tweak.

You can same email address and same billing address but you must add an additional character during registration in your Gmail. Suppose if your Gmail ID is abcd@gmail.com, insert ab.cd@gmail.com or abcd1@gmail.com or anything else.

You know about the rest. You can use this simple method to make Netflix Free Accounts again and again for lifetime.

A Fresh List Of Free Netflix Accounts And Passwords In 2017 (Updated List Of Free Netflix Accounts):

You can access free Netflix accounts even without using above method. I recommend this method if you don’t want to go Sign In often to use Netflix. I’m going to show you a list of usernames and passwords to watch your favorite program without paying a single dime from your pocket. All accounts seem fine. You can use below accounts to Log In without any hassle.


Username / Email: emilybeswan98@gmail.com


Username / Email: wilsonwendy@yahoo.com

Password: wendy65@

Username / Email: measondewin8@yahoo.com

Password: 88@melvik

Username / Email: natahllijeol@yahoo.com

Password: life23

Username / Email: warnerthestyle@gmail.com

Password: warner1234

Username / Email: iklmickey.me@yahoo.com

Password: mickeyme1

Username / Email: jismathdewin87@aol.com

Password: segg987

Update on 23/11/2016

Note: Most usernames and passwords aren’t working because they changed it a while ago. That’s why I am suggesting all of you to use ‘Gmail method’ to get free Netflix accounts as it’s working perfectly for me.

Final Words:

I’ve provided you a simple trick to attain free Netflix accounts for lifetime. There are some free alternatives to Netflix in the web. Also, I will keep looking for new usernames and passwords to update here. If you are getting any error while using above method, let us know by dropping a comment below. You can contact me as well. Would you take a moment to share this article with others? I’m counting on you.



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