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Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017: Are you looking for a way to download dual Whatsapp APK on your Android device? That’s cool as I am going to discuss the same thing right here. Most people are searching for a solution use dual Whatsapp account on a single phone nowadays.

I am going to tell you two methods about how to run two Whatsapp account in an android phone with dual SIM compatibility. Many dual SIM Android users are unaware of it and so I am going to inform you now. Keep reading till the end if you want to run two Whatsapp accounts on a single Android phone with dual SIM. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

download dual whatsapp apk 2017 to use 2 whatsapp accounts in one mobile

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You must have these three following apps to use dual Whatsapp Apk in 2017.

  • GBwhatsapp
  • 2 Lines for Whatsapp
  • Whatsmapp

Know How To Run Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017 | Download Dual Whatsapp Apk Of 2017 For Free:

I am to going uncover how to use Whatsmapp, 2 Lines for Whatsapp, GBwhatsapp to run dual Whatsapp APK on your smartphone. You will see in-depth information about using those three apps on your android device within this article. All methods are tested and it’s working fine at present. No need to think twice therefore. You must have an active internet connect connection to follow this tutorial. Without further delay let’s jump how to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on a single phone by using Whatsmapp, 2 Lines for Whatsapp, GBwhatsapp apps for free of cost.

Dual Whatsapp using GBWhatsapp App:

GBWhatsapp is the best solution to run two accounts in one Android device. You can use it very easily unlike any other methods out there. It is best replacement of OGWhatsapp for the multiple account users in a single phone. So, you should use it if you are browsing an appropriate alternative of GBWhatsapp. The best thing about it is that it works with non-rooted device as well. You can download this app by clicking the link below.

dual whatsapp apk 2017 use 2 whatsapps in one account

How to use GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp is a client or third-part application which lets you manage multiple accounts on your dual SIM Android phone. It has a very simple install process which I have mentioned below. Follow the below steps to install GBWhatsapp on your device

At first, click the below link and download and install this app on your smartphone.


  • Launch GBWhatsapp and create an account with the secondary number on it to move on the next step.
  • Verify the second number by entering your OTP or direct call.
  • That’s it. Now, you can enjoy dual Whatsapp accounts through this app.

I have told you how to run multiple Whatsapp accounts via GbWhatsapp APK on your Android device. I am sure that you will be able to use this method without any hassle. Now, let me show two more methods as I promised you in the beginning of this article.  It won’t hurt to have few more options. Isn’t it? Let’s take a look on two other methods at below.

How to Use dual Whatsapp account with 2 lines for Whatsapp in Android?

It’s time to learn how to use 2 lines for Whatsapp dual accounts in a single Android phone. Let me help to install this app on your device. You would be able to use multiple accounts on your phone. It’s a bit different same from GBWhatsapp.

You need to root your device to get it work. But you can do it easily by using ‘2 lines for Whatsapp’ on your phone. As I told you that you need to root your device to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on your Android device. I am assuming that you are using 2.3.6 or above.

How to install multiple Whatsapp via 2 Lines for Whatsapp?

You have to root your device to manage two Whatsapp accounts on a single Android phone. However, you can use up to ten accounts with ‘2 lines for Whatsapp’. But you won’t receive real-time notification on the other numbers. It’s a major drawback which you won’t see in GBWhatsapp. Now, let’s find out how to install this app on your phone.

  • At first, Download 2 Lines for Whatsapp.
  • You must have finished installation up until now.
  • Now simply Open 2 Lines for Whatsapp in your android phone.
  • Allow Super su or Kingroot to 2 lines for Whatsapp and allow when it prompts.
  • Click on ‘add a new line’ for Whatsapp.
  • Put your number and verify it thereafter.
  • That’s it. You can enjoy dual Whatsapp accounts on your Android smartphone now.

It’s the second method where you are going to use ‘2 lines for Whatsapp’ to access dual Whatsapp accounts on a single device. Give it a try and find out if it’s the most suitable method for you out of the three.

How to run multiple Whatsapp account in an android phone with Whatsmapp?

The third method is about Whatsmapp. You may not hear about this app before so let me tell you a bit about it. It is the latest version OGWhatsapp actually. It’s main function to provide you two Whatsapp accounts in one android smartphone.

Note: Some people reported that Whatsmapp isn’t working proerply. So, I suggest to try and see it by yourself.

How to install dual Whatsapp account with Whatsmapp?

Let me show you how to install dual Whatsapp account with Whatsmapp. Just follow few simple steps which I mentioned below to run multiple Whatsapp accounts on your phone.

  • At First, Download Whatsmapp from the below link.


  • You should have completed installation already.
  • Next, open Whatsmapp and input your second number and verify with OTP or direct call.

You’ve done it. You can run multiple accounts via Whatsmappand for free now.

Final Words

I have elaborated only the best three methods to run dual Whatsapp APK in an Android phone with dual SIM in 2017. I suggest you to use either GBWhatsapp or Whatsmapp  as both apps don’t require to root your device unlike 2 lines for Whatsapp.

Also, you will attain Whatsapp Plus features with GBwhatsapp. Do you know any other method to use dual Whatsapp account? Let me know by dropping a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms. What’s your favorite app to use dual Whatsapp APK in 2017?


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