iFunBox For iOS 10 /10.1/10.2/10.3/10.4/5 Install Without Jailbreak |iFunbox Mac OS X-iTunes Alternative

iFunBox for iOS 10: The name of the app suggests something full of fun and frolic. iFunbox is indeed an out of the box app or file manager for all ios devices be it iphones, ipads or ipod touch. From apps to files, from music to games you can manage every damn thing in your ios devices.

Features Of iFunbox For iOS 10:

  • The most happening things about iFunbox is that it is absolutely free that means you need not pay a single penny out of your pockets for it
  • It does not entail any need for a jail broken device and hence you need not sever rules by unfastening curtailments put by apple. Though it can work on jail broken devices too which is one of its major advantages
  • It works at a commendable speed that means that you don’t need to frown over speed issues anymore.
  • Easy media to search for apps and files

Though it is used for ios devices but then it can also be used for windows and mac devices as well. iFunbox is not a mere manager; it is even the ultimate solution to look upon when you encounter unsolvable problems with iTunes.

iFunbox can be thought of as a substitute for iTunes. Not only these, it also helps to rejuvenate your ipod, ipad or iphone and lets you download and install application easily at your convenience.

iFunbox has a very user wieldy interface. This application is quite easy to use. You won’t even need a user manual to seek help in order to use it. iFunbox lets you install other applications. But you will need to download IPA files from internet and you should be very chary and wary while downloading those files from net.

Ios is an amazing operating system. And it is quite ample for all those who are satisfied with normal phone operations. But for those who want to perform functions beyond that normal confinement and who want to access things that are not allowed by default.

0Here is the situation where jail breaking comes into picture but for those who don’t want to rely upon jail breaking, iFunbox is the thing that they need to turn to.

Steps For Installing iFunbox For iOS 10:

  1. Download the iFunbox setup file from the links that exist on net

ifunbox for ios 10 download ifunbox on ios 10

  1. Execute the setup file in order to install the application
  1. Download the required IPA files without jailbreak



  1. Open the iFunbox app in your device
  2. Select the user application with the help of the left panel

open-ifunbox-on-ios-10-get ifunbox for ios 10


  1. Now install the app and then you will redirect back to the IPA files

click-on-install-app-to-download-ifunbox-for-ios-10 - download iFunbox for ios 10


  1. Glance through the download section to find exact ipa files that you download earlier


  1. Then the installation process will commence and you will be notified as soon as it gets completed



It is really amazing to see that how iFunbox gives you so much control over your I-devices even when it doesn’t sneer with your antivirus software. It is quite easy to setup and more than that it is easy to use. iFunbox manages the files on I-devices similarly as windows explorer do in windows but relatively in a more robust and friendly way.


So this was all about iFunbox ios 10. Follow the above steps to get IFunbox ios 10 for your devices and get equipped with this breathtaking app/ file manager and get charmed with its wonders.


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