Top 5 Best Root Apps 2017 Rooted Android Mobiles | Best Free Root Apps In 2017

Top 5 Best Root Apps 2017: Are you looking for the best root apps of 2017? You have rooted your Android smartphone a while ago and now you need some good Root Apps to install on your phone after rooting. I can help you in this situation through my article.

top best root apps in 2017 for android mobiles

You must have seen a lot of posts about rooting but you won’t find decent information about the best root apps for your Android on the web. There’s a chance to enhance your battery, design and UI after rooting with some high quality apps which I am going to discuss below. So, without any further ado let’s find out more info about the best root apps of 2017. Also know the best screen recorders in 2017

Top 5 Best Root Apps 2017 For Rooted Android Phones:

Ther are many apps for rooted android mobiles but here we selected best 5 root apps for your android device in 2017. And we will update the article frequently to updated you the new best root apps in 2017.


Flashify is a very popular rooting apps among the Android users. You must use it if you want to root your device.   It lets you flash from recovery without rebooting your phone. It’s a spectacular tool especially for beginner and amateur rooters.

It is quite simple and easy to use. User interface is really convincing for all kind of users. Flashify helps you to boot.img,recovery.Img and zip documents at ease.

flashify root app in 2017 best for rooted android phone

You can utilize its auto sync feature to backup into you cloud storage directly. Flashify allows you to restore kernel and recovery by using a memory card appropriately.


Supersu is an excellent app for rooting your android device. You should consider it if you are looking for the best root apps list in 2017. Why? Let me tell you.

supersu free root app in 2017

It can disable particular apps with many functions. You’ll notice this app in the list of the Best Root Apps in many places. It lets you unroot, hold logs and much more. In fact, it is one of the most famous rooting apps among Android owners. Don’t believe me. Try it yourself to know better about Supersu APK.

3.Titanium backup:

Backups are an important step for all smartphone users. There are many backup apps out there but nothing is as good as titanium backup especially after rooting your device. You should use this app to take a full backup before playing with system mods, roms and others.

titanium backup best root app in 2017

You can remove bloatware, freeze apps (apps will be installed but never run again on your phone) and backup your apps data. Titanium takes care of everything right after rooting. You should give it a try at least once on your Android smartphone.

4.Xposed framework:

Xposed framework lets you customize the appearance or features of your device without messing with the system file or APKs. It utilizes modules which run on memory. That’s why you can remove any settings by disabling the modules and rebooting. No need to flash roms to add new features on your smartphone.

xposed installer one of the best root app in 2017 for rooted android mobiles

Xposed framework provided a comprehensive tutorial for android 6.0 marshmallow above users. You can download this APK from xda website to install it on your smartphone.


I have used Greenify on my Android smartphone. I can assure you that it is one of best root apps to install on your phone without a doubt in 2017. It hibernates inactive apps to optimize your device speed and performance.

greenify best root app for rooted android mobiles in 2017

It boosts your phone’s battery life significantly as well. Greenify helps you to stop inactive and unnecessary apps from slowing down and draining your device in a particular way.

It’s Your Turn To Choose One From Above Top 5 Best Root Apps 2017:

I have elaborated you the best root apps for 2017. I have used Greenify and Flashify personally. These two are one of the best root apps undoubtedly. But still, I like to hear you favorite root apps which you are using on your Android smartphone at present.

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