Avast 2017 Offline Installer Download | Avast 2017 Premier, Pro and Internet Security Plans&Prices

Avast 2017 Offline Installer: Avast is a very popular anti-virus program among the computer users for years now. Avast launched its new version with many new features and improvements to protect your system from harmful viruses.

Antivirus Avast is antivirus software which came to the market in 1988. Now, the company released its latest version to provide the users advanced security.  What’s new in Avast 2017? Is it better than previous versions?  Let’s take a look at the new features of Avast 2017 before getting into in-depth reviews of Avast 2017. Also download QuickBooks 2017 Offline Installer for your small business.

avast 2017 offline installer free download

What’s the new features in Avast 2017 Offline Installer?

The developers are claiming that you won’t see any sign of virus on your PC/laptop after installing Avast 2017. It’s a pretty big statement which means they are fully confident about this product. What’s new in it?

  • Avast introduced a combination of two programs in the new version i.e. Avast anti-virus and Avast malware defense.
  • It has a home based virus scanner. Plus, it comes with password supervisor function to keep all of your data safe and sound.
  • Avast will suggest you a random password if you can’t think of an appropriate password quickly.
  • It analyses all sites and prevents you from visiting those websites to protect your system from malware, adware, trojans, etc.
  • Avast 2017 is compatible with both PC and mobile phones.
  • You can shop online safely with “do not track” option in the new version.

Antivirus Avast 2017 Offline Installer: Is It free?

Yes. You can download Avast antivirus 2017 free for lifetime. It supports Mac and Android apart from Windows. What can you get in a free version? See for yourself.

  • Find and eliminate viruses from your computer.
  • Scan the Home Network
  • Stop malware, adware, trojans etc. (while you are browsing the web)
  • Passwords security
  • Performance Scanner

Avast Premier 2017: Plans & Pricing

Avast premier 2017 built with Nitro technology. It gives you a 30 days trial period. It costs $69.99 for one year, $134.99 for two years and $199.99 for three years.


Avast Antivirus Pro 2017: Plans & Pricing

Avast antivirus Pro 2017 has the new and advanced features altogether. You can test this version with 3o days trial period. You need to pay $39.99 for one year, $74.99 for two years and $109.99 for three years.


Avast Internet Security 2017: Plans & Pricing

Avast Internet Security is the most suitable antivirus software especially if you surf the web mostly (like me). You can take 30 days with a money-back guarantee. It costs $49.99 for one year, $94.99 for two years and $139.99 for three years respectively.


Final Thoughts On Avast 2017 Offline Installer:

I recommend you to download Avast 2017 offline installer to safeguard your computer from the viruses.  It’s a perfect antivirus program for home users. You can use the latest version of Avast antivirus without any cost for lifetime. You can upgrade to it the premium version anytime. I hope that it will help you to keep your computer safe from malware, adware, trojans, pop-ups, etc. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends on social media. I’ll see you guys in the next article.



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