Download AppAddict For iOS 10 To Install Apps For Free On iPhone/iPad | Install AppAddict On iOS 10

AppAddict ios 10: After a long tenor of waiting finally apple has broadcasted its ios 10, the latest and the smartest ios platform. And one of the biggest boons that you have with ios 10 is that you can have AppAddict For iOS 10 that too without jail break.

For those of you who are not aware of what AppAddict is, let me tell you that it is the finest Installous surrogate available on ios devices. So if you are vying for paid apps that too for free then AppAddict is the ultimate solution you need to bank upon.

download appaddict for ios 10 on iphone ipad

The reason why AppAddict outshines other third party applications is because it has the most steadfast and updated applications in store for you. You just need to visit AppAddict once and you will become deadly addicted to the world of apps.

Tech savvy people often say that AppAddict is the best thing that ever happened since apptrackr that was once believed to be the easiest way to get free apps. Appaddict is considered to be the improved version of apptrackr. In today’s epoch AppAddict is the number one ranking app sharing platform.

Appaddict is believed to be the most amazing substitute for Installous and hackulous (apps that helps you to access numerous cracked applications). Nowadays the demand for free apps is at its zenith but sad is the fact that there are only a few apps that have provisions for this demand.

AppAddict is quite famous and very much loved because of its trouble-free user interface and undemanding functionality. It also enables jail breakers to download and install hundred of apps in their devices. If you vie to get free and amazing apps, games and themes for your devices then you just cannot remain untouched by the divine aura of AppAddict.

Process For Installing AppAddict For  iOS 10 To Get Paid Apps For Free| Install AppAddict On iPhone/iPad:

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get AppAddict For iOS 10 devices. All you need to do is to follow the procedure mentioned below step by step. Following is the list of the required steps:

  1. Open your device. Open safari browser. Then open Cydia. Go to Manage then sources then edit then Add. After that type this URL into the space provided as shown in the image below :

enter cydia or apt url as cydia xselize com as add source to install appaddict for ios 10


  1. Tap on add source option. Then the responsibility is on the shoulders of Cydia. It will itself add this source.
  1. Go back. Tap on the new repo and then find appsync and then simply choose the firmware that you are using.

install appsync to download appaddict for ios 10 on iphone ipad


  1. Then go back to your home screen by tapping on respring
  1. Open your browser in your device and go to Appaddict.org

jus click on appaddict to install appaddict for ios 10 on iphone ipad


  1. Tap on install AppAddict option to begin the process. Then AppAddict will get installed on your ios device.
  1. That’s it. Now AppAddict is installed in your phone. You will get to see the icon of AppAddict on your home screen. Tap on the icon to launch it.

appaddict is now installed on ios 10 on iphone and ipad devices - got appaddict for ios 10


So this was all about AppAddict For iOS 10 and installing AppAddict For iOS 10. Go ahead, get it on your device and with AppAddict get the key to your happiness.


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